Florida Lottery Results

Florida Lottery Results
FL Lottery

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LUCKY MONEY Drawing Results

LUCKY MONEY winning numbers are 7-11-31-35 LB3 for 01/29/2019 and the next Jackpot is NA for 02/01/2019

CASH4LIFE Drawing Results

CASH4LIFE winning numbers are 1-6-14-18-33 CB1 for 04/19/2021 and the next Top Prize is $1,000 a Day for Life for 04/22/2021

PICK 2 Drawing Results

PICK 2 winning numbers are 1-7 for Midday 04/19/2021 and 1-5 for Evening 04/19/2021

MEGA MILLIONS Drawing Results

MEGA MILLIONS winning numbers are 17-27-28-50-55 MM25 X4 for 04/16/2021 and the next estimated Jackpot is $257 Million for 04/20/2021

PICK 4 Drawing Results

PICK 4 winning numbers are 9-6-0-1 for Midday 04/19/2021 and 9-3-3-2 for Evening 04/19/2021

PICK 3 Drawing Results

PICK 3 winning numbers are 3-5-5 for Midday 04/19/2021 and 0-5-0 for Evening 04/19/2021

PICK 5 Drawing Results

PICK 5 winning numbers are 6-9-6-3-8 for Midday 04/19/2021 and 1-2-6-7-3 for Evening 04/19/2021

FANTASY 5 Drawing Results

FANTASY 5 winning numbers are 15-33-34-35-36 for 04/19/2021


JACKPOT TRIPLE PLAY winning numbers are 7-15-19-20-36-38 for 04/16/2021 and the next Jackpot is $275,000 for 04/20/2021

FLORIDA LOTTO Drawing Results

FLORIDA LOTTO with Xtra winning numbers are 2-7-10-11-31-33 X6 for 04/17/2021 and the next Jackpot is $4.5 Million for 04/21/2021

POWERBALL Drawing Results

POWERBALL winning numbers are 10-21-26-41-49 PB25 X2 for 04/17/2021 and the next estimated Jackpot is $90 Million for 04/21/2021

Florida Lottery Results

In 1986, voters authorized an Official Florida lottery through a constitutional amendment, enacted by a two to one margin that would use its proceeds to enhance public education in Florida. Governor Bob Martinez and the Florida Legislature established the Fla Lottery with the mission of maximizing revenues for education to allow the people of Florida to benefit from significant additional monies while providing the best lottery games available. Over the 27 year history of the Florida Lottery, both goals have been accomplished.

Florida Lottery Numbers

Driven by the legislative mandate for tickets to go on sale by January 18, 1988, the Lottery's start up was a year of dynamic activity. Rebecca Paul was hired as the Lottery's first permanent Secretary and on January 12, 1988, produced the Florida Lottery winning numbers six days ahead of schedule.

Fla Lottery Results

A $1 Scratch-Off, the Lottery's first game, MILLIONAIRE, exceeded $95 million in sales setting a lottery industry record. MILLIONAIRE was so successful that in just 17 days the Lottery was able to repay the original startup money borrowed from the state's General Revenue Fund of $15.5 million plus interest.

Florida Lottery Pick 3

As the Florida Lottery has grown into an industry leader, it remains a dependable contributor to education in Florida. More than a $1 billion in each of the past 16 consecutive fiscal years has benefited Florida students and schools statewide, representing approximately six percent of the state's total education budget. While the Lottery was never intended to fully fund Florida's education system, Lottery contributions are far-reaching and crucial to ensuring the future success of students in Florida. Pre-kindergarten projects have directly affected the youngest Florida citizens, while thousands of K-12 students reap the benefits of Lottery dollars every school day. Thousands of bright minds have followed the beacon offered by Florida's Bright Futures Scholarship Program and other student financial aid to pursue opportunities in higher education at state universities and community colleges. These institutions of higher learning themselves have benefited from more than $6.3 billion that help keep them running and affordable to Florida students.

Additionally, Lottery dollars have funded School Recognition and Merit Programs for improved schools, and have even helped build and renovate nearly 800 schools through the Classrooms First and Classrooms for Kids programs. In total, Florida's schools and students have received more than $33 billion in Lottery profits, including more than $5 billion to send more than 775,000 students to college on Bright Futures Scholarships funded by the Florida Lottery.

Florida Lottery Winning Numbers

Through the years, the Lottery has become part of the very fabric of Florida, truly affecting the lives of all Floridians and providing residents with a reason to believe their dreams can come true as millions regularly enjoy "water-cooler dreaming" with family and friends about what they would do if they won the big jackpot. Today, millions continue to show their support by purchasing billions of dollars in Lottery products per year.

Florida Lottery Results

Whether they are winners who have collected million-dollar Lottery prizes, or one of the many who are able to follow their dreams by getting a better education with the help of Lottery dollars, all Florida residents enjoy and benefit from the Florida Lottery. With the patronage of its players, the dedication of its retailers and employees, and a state-of-the-art gaming system, the Florida Lottery will continue to ensure that players are provided with the best games in the industry and that profits continue to generate even greater contributions to education in the state. The best years are yet to come!